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We have wonderful local hotels, restaurants and stores.  Here is the information you need to plan your visit.

 Recommended Local Vendors
   Paul's Motel   1184 Main Street, Jackson, Ky. 41339
   Ph. 606-666-2471
   GPS co-ordinates:  N37.55324 degrees  W83.38247 degrees
   This is a family owned and operated motel.  Free wi-fi, a pool and a weight room are available. 
   The Jackson Inn  19 Brewer's Drive, Jackson, Ky. 41339
   Ph. 606-666-7551
   GPS co-ordinates:  W37.55815 degrees  W82.38626 degrees
   This motel has a pool and four RV sites with full hook-ups if you prefer to travel with your surv.
   Rose Brothers Department Store  695 Hwy. 15 North, Jackson, Ky. 41339
   Ph. 606-666-2397
   GPS co-ordinates:  N37.55897 degrees  W83.39401 degrees
   This store carries Harley-Davidson  and Redwing riding boots and other essentials.
   Yamaha of Jackson    1501 Hwy. 15 North, Jackson, Ky. 41339
    Ph.  606-666-5333
    GPS co-ordinates:  N37.56921 degrees  W83.40061 degrees
    Be sure to stop at the local bike shop to see the Venom Tours route map and pick up Ride Guides as well as other riding necessities. 
    Jiffy Mart   800 Hwy. 15 South, Jackson, Ky. 41339
    Ph.  606-666-5986
    GPS co-ordinates:  N37.55770 degrees   W83.36700 degrees
     This is a family owned and operated convenience and grocery store.  Stop by for friendly service, gas and camping supplies.
     Rissa's Mini Mart   13675 Hwy. 30 East, Rousseau, Ky. 41366
     Ph.  606-666-5606
     GPS co-ordinates  N37.591150 degrees  W83.23678 degrees
     This charming country store is on the Copperhead Road Route.  Stop to stretch your legs and have lunch.  Tell them Venom Tours sent you!
      Dr. Edward Burnett   424 Jett's Drive, Jackson, Ky. 41339
      Ph. 606-666-0531
      Should you need a doctor's attention on your visit, Dr. Burnett is a family physician who will take care of all your medical needs.
       Rodney Griffith, D.M.D.   1462 Hwy. 15 North, Jackson, Ky. 41339
       Ph.  606-666-2966
       GPS co-ordinates:  N37.56814 degrees  W83.40014 degrees
       Dr. Griffith is a local rider as well as a dentist who will take care of any dental emergency that may arise during your visit.
     Shell Mart of Jackson   445 Hwy. 15 North, Jackson, Ky. 41339
     Ph.  606-666-4375
     GPS co-ordinates:  N37.55745 degrees  W83.38977 degrees
     *** All Ride Guides of Venom Tours start here.  Stop in for gas, convenience items or to visit Subway.
  Simmons and Watts  1157 Main Street, Jackson, Ky. 41339
  Ph. 606-666-7725
    These lawyers ride and will assist you should you need any legal advice.
   The Old Country Inn  , Hwy. 15 South, Jackson, Ky.
    Ph. 606-666-7977
   This is a country style restaurant.  Stop in for a big country breakfast.
   The Whiteflash 2   Hwy. 15 North, Jackson, Ky.                         Ph.  606-666-9171
    Stop by for the best hamburgers in town!

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