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   Venom Tours Ride Guides
           Please note all rides begin at the Shell Mart
           in Jackson, Ky.
          GPS co-ordinates
                   N37.55745 degrees/W83.38977 degrees





The Rattler is coiled and ready to strike, beginning with a run of several mountains with ridiculously sharp and steep curves. Look for the Log Cathedral at Buckhorn, Kentucky. A short side trip, continuing on Rt. 28 past the Rt. 1110 turn, will bring you to Buckhorn Lake State Park. The Park Lodge overlooking the lake is a good place for lunch. Backtrack to Rt. 1110 and resume the ride.

The second half of the route is still twisty but with fewer changes in elevation and features roads less traveled. Alert riders will find American buffalo on the second half of the route. Sport bike enthusiasts take note - this is the most technically challenging of the tours!


Turn left onto Ky. 15 (North) and follow it .5 miles to Rt. 30 (West). Turn left on Rt. 30 (West) and travel 9.8 miles to Rt. 315 (South). Turn left onto Rt. 315 (South) and ride 11.3 miles to Rt. 28. Turn left onto Rt. 28 and follow it for 8.1 miles to Rt. 1110. Turn left onto Rt. 1110. Continue on Rt. 1110 for 8.7 miles to Rt. 3237. Turn left onto Rt. 3237 and ride 8.8 miles to Rt. 30 (West). Turn right on Rt. 30 and travel .9 miles to Rt. 2469 (Highland Road). Turn left onto Rt. 2469 (West) and ride 12.9 miles to Rt. 52. Turn right onto Rt. 52 and ride 9.6 miles to Rt. 30. Turn left onto Rt. 30 and travel 1.5 miles to Jackson, Kentucky.

CAUTION - Fail to focus on the road and you'll be over the hill. Beware of unmarked hairpin turns. Stay in your lane and don't hug the centerline.

Total Mileage: 72.1 miles

Gas Availability: Good. Gas is available at the junction of Highways 28 and 1110 as

well as on Routes 30 and 52.







This route follows Quicksand Creek and features one long sweeping curve after another, punctuated by short straight stretches with several hair pin turns thrown in for good measure. The route starts and ends in Breathitt County but dips into neighboring Magoffin County. Watch for old-fashioned swinging bridges and be sure to stop and stretch your legs and have a bite to eat at Rissa's Mini Mart at Rousseau, Kentucky.


                                        RIDE GUIDE

Turn right onto Ky. 15 (South) in Jackson. Travel 2.9 miles to Rt. 30 East. Turn left onto Rt. 30. Follow Rt. 30 for 31 miles to the Bert T. Combs Mountain Parkway (Exit 72). Turn right onto the Mountain Parkway and follow it for 3 miles to Exit 75. Exit the Parkway there. Turn right at the bottom of the exit ramp onto Rt. 7. Travel .2 miles on Rt. 7 to Rt. 1090. Turn right onto Rt. 1090 and follow it for 7.4 miles back to Rt. 30. Turn left onto Rt. 30 (West) and follow it 27.7 miles back to Ky. 15. Turn right onto Ky. 15 (North) and follow it .3 miles into Jackson, Kentucky.

BEWARE!!! The curves on this route can prove longer and sharper than anticipated. This copperhead's bite can be fatal. Don't get bitten!

TotalMileage:           72.5miles     

 Gas Availability:Good.



The Fiddler weaves an intricate design up, over and around the back roads of Breathitt County, then crosses briefly into Lee and Wolfe Counties before drawing you back to the center of its web.


Turn left onto Ky. 15 (North) and ride 6 miles to the Rt. 205 exit. Exit right and turn right onto Rt. 205 at the bottom of the exit ramp. Travel 1.7 miles to Ky. 541. Turn right onto Rt. 541 and ride 4.2 miles to Rock Lick Road. Turn right onto Rock Lick Road and ride 4.3 miles. Rock Lick Road dead-ends into Rt. 708. Turn left onto Rt. 708 and travel .9 miles to Rt. 2017. Turn right onto Rt. 2017 (towards Williba) and continue on Rt. 2017 for 7.3 miles to Rt. 52. Turn right onto Rt. 52 (West) and ride 3.3 miles to Rt. 2016 (St. Helens). Turn right onto Rt. 2016 and follow it for 12.9 miles to Rt. 715. Turn left onto Rt. 715 (South) and follow it 2.6 miles to Rt. 11. Turn left onto Rt. 11 and follow it 10.8 miles to Beattyville, Ky. and Rt. 52. Turn left onto Rt. 52 and ride 21 miles to Rt. 30 (West). Turn left onto Rt. 30 and follow it 1.5 miles to Jackson, Kentucky.

This loop is a back-roads beauty! The roads are often narrow and quite curvy. The route climbs steadily in elevation until you are riding the ridge tops with spectacular views all around. You may even see ostriches and llamas on this route if you pay attention.

Total Mileage: 75.6miles GasAvailability:  Good.




The Black Widow is an exceptionally scenic ride that is as curvaceous as its namesake.  It begins with a series of steep switchbacks then settles the rider into a rhythmic groove of right and left-hand curves. You'll be torn between watching the road and the beautiful landscape. Watch the road!


Turn Right on Ky. 15 (South) and follow it 1.1 miles to Rt. 1812. Turn left onto Rt. 1812 and follow it 7.3 miles to Rt. 378. Turn right on Rt. 378 (East) and ride 11.1 miles to Rt. 1094. Turn left onto Rt. 1094 and ride 7.5 miles to Rt. 205. Turn right onto Rt. 205 and travel 2.1 miles to Rt. 191. Turn left onto Rt. 191 (West) and follow it 5.4 miles through Hazel Green, Kentucky to Rt. 1010. Turn left on Rt. 1010 (South) and follow it 6.9 miles to Rt. 1812. Turn left on Rt. 1812 (South) and ride 5.3 miles to Rt. 205. Turn right onto Rt. 205 and ride 1.7 miles to the Ky. 15 entrance ramp. Turn left on KY. 15 (South) and follow it 6.0 miles to Jackson, Kentucky.

CAUTION - Again, watch for unmarked hairpin turns and wildlife.

Total Mileage: 54.4 miles

Gas Availability: Adequate. Gas up before you leave Jackson and you'll be fine.

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