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Ride the Rattler!

Welcome to Venom Tours
  Venom Tours are a great way to explore the winding roads of beautiful Breathitt County, Kentucky on your favorite motorcycle.  Tucked into the scenic Southeastern section of the state, Breathitt County is 495 square miles of hills and valleys, all for your riding pleasure!  The featured routes are named for nature's local bad boys:  The Rattler, The Fatal Fiddler, Copperhead Road and The Black Widow.
  Each route has enough wicked twisties to untie that knot in your soul and send it soaring again!
  Come enjoy gorgeous scenery, warm mountain hospitality and discover that our curves are the cure for the common motorcycle tour.
  Sportbike or cruiser enthusiast,
  You've done the Dragon and cruised the Blue Ridge,
                                  its time to
                              Pick Your Poison!

                Local Riding Tips
1.  Stay on your side of the road.
2.  Don't hug the centerline.
3.  Be aware you may meet riders on horseback or ATVs almost  anywhere.
4.  If you are not accustomed to very curvy and mountainous roads, give yourself time to adjust.
5.  Ride within your skill level.
6.  Always watch for white-tailed deer, red fox and in the southeastern section of the county, herds of elk and open- range  horses on or near roadways.
Kentucky law does NOT require use of a motorcycle helmet UNLESS you are under 21 years of age or have had your motorcycle license for less than one year.  Eye protection is required by law.
Kentucky highway emergency numbers are: 911 or 800-222-5555


The Appalachians are the oldest mountain range in the world and
Jackson, Kentucky,
G.P.S. co-ordinates:  N37.55745   W83.38977 (degrees) is a great central location from which to explore their many sights and experience the exhilaration of riding the roads that twist
through our dazzlingly green hills!
Venom Tours
200 Dogwood Drive
Jackson, Ky. 41339
 e-mail us at:

The following links will be helpful in planning your visit:

Jackson Weather Service/ Trip Planner

Local Bike Shop/ Yamaha of Jackson

Jackson Tourism Center

Kentucky Motorcycle Association

Kentucky Trailsrus Listings

Appalachian Riders Club

 We look forward to sharing our roads with you.


  Coming soon: A Cloverleaf Tour posting

Please get in touch to offer comments and suggestions.

Venom Tours
  Our curves are the cure
         for the common motorcycle tour!